Tuesday, October 31, 2017

(Review Jmovie) Daytime Shooting Star

Yessss... Finally I watched Daytime Shooting Star or Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Actually I have just finished reading the manga up to about 60 chapters. It's still on going, though, I mean the scanlation. But still, I kept reading it until I watch the live action. Read my short review in my other blog here.

The story line is actually not too special, for me. But, I think the love story between a student and a teacher is still something appealing yet challenging for some people. Some students indeed fall in love with their teachers, and vice versa. The difference is in the culture, actually. In Indonesia, though it's not recommended, it happens in the society.

The synopsis can be found here, and here for the manga. What I want to talk about is the live action.

Mei Nagano got the honor to play as the main lead, Suzume Yosano, while the other two male lead, Satsuki Shisio and Daiki Mamura's roles went to Shohei Miura and Aran Shirahama. Since I have the read some chapters of the manga, I know which parts taken in the live action, and which parts that I think is quite interesting to be included there, were missed. Take an example, the family life of Mamura. In the manga, I love when the writer told about his family, how his family thanked Yosano to change Mamura a bit. Some friends of Yuyuka chan that eventually became Yosano's friends, too, didn't have enough roles. In the manga, they were really close that they were furious when they found out that yosane's love was rejected by someone. And then they were eager to cheer her up. The bond between them was missing.

But overall, I love the live action. The manga went on and on about Yosano's feeling towards her sensei. And one more thing, teen manga or teen dorama won't be special without summer festival or culture festival. LOL. Those two seem to be the most important ingredients to make the story interesting. Many things may happen in those two events, in the life the characters in both manga and dorama. LOL.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say that the reason why I want to watch the live action is the actors who play in the movie. I knew Shohei Miura from live action of The Liar and His Lover and A Girl and 3 Sweethearts. However, he doesn't really significant competence of acting. I watch him from one dorama to another, he doesn't change his roles, just a nice good looking guy. I think he needs to get more challenging character in his next project. Mei Nagano is surprisingly good. I watched her for the first time in Ore Monogatari! or My Love Story. She is extremely kawaiiii. I need to watch her in Peach Girl where I think she would have different kind of role, not typical innocent girl, as she always has. Aran Shirahama as Mamura was extremely kawai, too. I love how he turned red when Yosano touched him. I don't know the trick of making cheeks turning red in the movie. LOL. I never watched any of him movies, though. He's quite good as Mamura, I guess.

Well, enjoy the fanmade video as follows, if you want to know more the movie, go here:

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