Saturday, October 28, 2017

(Review Jmovie) Bittersweet

Well, I really want to make this blog more active in update but in reality, I end up leave it idle 😔. Well, then I have an opinion to make this blog more update by writing more posts but not in a form of real review, but I just want to keep tracks of Japanese movies and dorama I watch. FYI, I watch too many of them. Perhaps, I would feel 'high' if I don't watch any of them in a week 😉. The post I'm going to write will be about Japanese movie, dorama, or manga I'm currently reading or want to read. The review of the manga I read, I mostly upload it in my other blog, My Book Corner.

Well, today, I just finished watching Bittersweet. The movie was released on September 16, 2016, hmmm...more than a year ago. Thanks God I didn't really look forward to the movie since I didn't know anything about the movie. But after uploaded it, I read the synopsis, I felt like watching it.

The story is quite interesting. It's about Maki Eda (Haruna Kawaguchi) who worked for an advertising company. She was not really lucky in her romantic life. She was not really good at cooking, either. One day, she met Nagisa Katayama (Kento Hayashi) who was a vegetarian and really good at cooking. They end up living together.

Maki who formerly hated vegetables had to eat anything Nagise cooked for her. If not, she would have to move out from Nagisa's apartment. Maki's past told why she hated vegetables. Secretly, Maki had feelings for Nagisa. Unluckily, Nagisa was a gay.

I didn't really expect that the movie would be this entertaining. This is the first I saw Haruna played in comedy. She didn't have to act using slapstick or witty lines, but the scenes already made me laugh. Hayashi was really charming here, even though, at first I only wanted to see Mackenyu here. I thought that Nagisa and Babazono are couply since Nagisa was a gay.

Overall, it's worth your time to watch this movie. Please give it a try

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